Health Partners, Inc.
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Member Benefits

Over half of every dollar the company receives is paid back to its members and managers in rebates, commissions and benefits
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No pressure! No monthly purchase requirements! Buy at Direct Cost (wholesale price) with your free membership. And if you spend $100 or more in one month, you’ll get a 10% rebate!

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Nature's Sunshine offers unmatched educational opportunities.
Learn how to keep your family healthy by participating in our free health-related Webinars. We also offer day-long natural health training in a city near you for a very reasonable price.
Build a business your way. No pressure. No hassle.
The NSP business opportunity is completely flexible.
  • Share products with family and friends at your leisure.
  • Sell products online (using a Website like this one or one you create).
  • Sell products at your home office, retail store or consulting practice.
  • Hold parties and share products.
Get rewarded for sharing good health!
NSP makes sharing good health a pleasure!
  • Earn up to 30% in rebates and commissions.
  • Receive special cash bonuses.
  • Earn free admission to our annual company convention.
  • Earn a monthly car allowance, starting at $250.
  • Earn all-expenses-paid vacations to exotic cities around the world.

In addition to great benefits, Nature’s Sunshine has over 500 quality products to choose from